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Gayle's Quilting Classes

Gayle Ropp teaches the Basics because she feels that a good foundation can take you to all areas in the quilting world. You will have the knowledge and techniques to know that you can perform the best job possible. This still leaves the door open to stretch and grow in all manner of design, color, technique, skill, and balance.

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Spoon Quilting

3 Hour Workshop ½ day fee = $375*

This class is for the beginner or anyone wishing to perfect his/her quilting skills; includes information on achieving small, even stitches. We will discuss quilting basics as needles, thread, thimbles, quilt frames, basting, etc. All Levels

Quilting Strategies

6 Hour Workshop Full day fee = $600*

If you are confused about what & where to quilt - this is the class for you! Bring your quilt tops for an old-fashioned discussion. We will explore quilting planning strategies, learn how to make & cut a stencil to fit a space, and learn how to make a feathered border & corner to fit.   All Levels.

Flower Pattern Quilt
14. Piece Corp Community Property close up.JPG

Quilting Design Basics

3 Hr. Workshop/Demo ½ day fee = $375*

The exercises in this workshop are done by the instructor only, but bring in your quilt tops as in the 6-hour workshop above. You will get some specific ideas on what to quilt in your own tops.

Building Blocks

3 Hr. Workshop/Demo ½ day fee = $375*

How do you draw all those quilt blocks to the size you want? This "almost no math" class will teach you how simple it is. We'll start with the basics of how to subdivide 4-, 5-, etc. patch blocks the easy way. If you want to push just a little, we can tackle the 8-pointed star and a mariner's compass basic designs as well. This class is about freedom to make "any block - any size - anytime"

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Amish Color Workshop

6 Hour Workshop Full day fee = $600*

This workshop is a color study to develop your own Amish Center Diamond or any Amish design palette for a quilt top. You will do a miniature fabric mock-up. Discussion will include quilting designs, making them fill & fit the space, and how to make the quilt top. You may have time to begin cutting & sewing your designed top. All Levels

Final Touches

3 Hr. Workshop/Demo ½ day fee = $375*

The Quilt is quilted! Let the binding begin! The workshop will cover different types of binding, mitered corners, and prairie points. We will also cover sleeves for hanging and labels. Process class only. All Levels.


Rotary Cutting Basics

3 Hr. Workshop/Demo ½ day fee = $600*

Why fuss and worry about rotary cutting different angles? A few easy tips and some hands-on practice will help take away the fear of making the wrong move. 

* Mileage at the current government rate or airfare & housing when necessary

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