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T.J.'s Quick Quilter


Vintage Blocks Test Pattern

Vintage Blocks Test Pattern in LivingColor

The Backroom Quilter
Gayle P. Ropp - Owner
1101 Arlington Ridge Rd., S.,
Unit 1006
Arlington, VA 22202



T.J.'s Quick Quilter

Eliminates sore fingers from hand quilting. It is used in the under hand to receive the needle, then helps guide the needle back up through the surface of the quilt to begin again. With practice, the Quick Quilter™ also helps to make small, even stitches. You'll love the new grip!


Mastering Spoon Quilting DVD

Will show you how this unique tool protects the fingers of the under-hand from the needle. Join Gayle Ropp as she teaches the Spoon Quilting method using T.J.'s Quick Quilter™, the best tool for pain-free hand quilting. Using this method, the needle will never hit your fingers again! 



TwistEase™ NEW -NEW -NEW The newest tool from The Backroom Quilter, L.L.C. The tool for tightening or loosening the wing nut on your hoop. Attach a ribbon through the hole in the TwistEase then onto your hoop to keep the TwistEase handy.


Spool Swing™

A unique Spool Caddy to wear around your neck for easy access while sewing or quilting. No more searching for that needed spool of thread!


3-n-1 Spool Swing™

The newest model of the Spool Swing. This tool is 3 tools in 1. It's a spool holder, a needle case, and a thread cutter all in one tool.

2010 Fall Quilt Market: The Backroom Quilter, Gayle Ropp

2010 Fall Quilt Market: The Backroom Quilter, Gayle Ropp

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